Few things to know about Strangest Places in the World

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Our planet world has some fascinating areas that anyone will relish seeing if presented with the chance to do it. There are weird places some while others are populated cities that have a flourishing publicity and standing, which are in locations that are peaceful. For someone like me who loves traveling and seeking for things out of the ordinary, I believed it would be pleasant to be put together a listing of a number of the most bizarre places to see. They including those that I am personally yet to visit and those that I’ve observed and managed to visit. I thought I will share them here and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

They’d probably give the like of Tokyo and Manhattan as their reply, if you inquire a big variety of people that is the densest city in the entire world. It comes to be that even though these cities are densely populated, it is in no place as dense as Kowloon. Some people find this to be unbelievable because to the people who’ve been to Tokyo or Manhattan as of now believed that was the population limitation. If a city is more densely populated, it’s hard to envision how anyone could bear to dwell within it. But that is exactly what Kowloon residents have been living in for several years now. Kowloon is in fact around 5 times more thickly populated compared to the city of New York.

Not all of us live in the deserts but everyone knows life could be disagreeable because of dryness and the scorching temperature. But believe it or not, there’s an underground city where people love city life that is routine like every other, located at the center of a desert. The city is known as Coober Pedy and it situated less than a thousand kilometers north of Adelaide. The city was made as opposed to over the earth, as people find it even more comfortable and simple to live underground. Amazingly, it is an entire city which has all needed comforts including health facilities, churches and just a four star luxurious eatery.

New Zealand is one of the countries with figures that is peculiar which is famous for several reasons that range from sheep population to culture and social systems. I recently came across a city in the US called Lawndale where the deceased outnumbers the quantity of living residents. This strange, eerie city is home to fewer than two thousand living individuals and over 1. 5 million dead people. This fact alone should give you a notion of how eerie an area it’s and every corner of the city must have been turned into a graveyard. I’m uncertain why anyone would ever want to visit this type of place but if this place seems intriguing to you, you may only drop by the very next time you’re in San Diego.

Varosha is a city in Cyprus that has become a ghost town. It’s no longer the bustling city Varosha used to be although it used to be very popular among toursists. Following the Turkish invasion of 1974 which drove all residents away from town, it hasn’t been inhabited. This place remains deserted but the invasion stands fully frozen only like how it prior to the invasion, following it was over. When viewed from afar it is not difficult to think activities are bustling within this city only like it was back in the early 1970s before invasion except that no one lives there anymore. Just the thought of a location like that existing in the world gives me thrills.

This is probably the least list of odd locations, but then again when considering odd places in the world to visit, no list is too long. Honestly, my imagination is outdone by these places and finding the existence of these areas taught me to have a more open mind. Though some of these unusual places seem too frightening even for me, I like to give them a visit some day. Reading about these locations that are strange and looking at their images can say a lot although nothing compares to actual experiences of stepping into the lands of those surroundings. I am certain more unexpected areas will be found and I’ll attempt to keep this list updated.

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