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Posted by Manuel Mosley on February 2, 2015 in Article Postings | 0 comments

Among the quotes that are commonly cited by many people is the one which says that in the world, change is the only continuous. Looking at how the way we live our lives is being affected by disruptive technology, truer words have not been spoken. The number of these technologies or businesses may not be finite if we chose to compile them all, so I came up with list of some of them and notably those that I felt had a profound effect on my entire life. All the technological innovations I have recorded below have shifted how I do things by a whole lot. With technology, many of the formerly impossible tasks have become potential, while many other jobs can be done more productively. Let’s go through these incredible innovations and I hope you enjoy reading the compilation.

The smartphones revolutionize almost every business, as well as the newest enormous target is the Cab business. One startup that is trying to do this is GetTaxi. They are not alone, other startups have jumped in the bandwagon like UberTaxi and GrabTaxi. With the help of GPS locator, such apps attempt to join taxi drivers with the passengers in a faster and hassle-free way. Advanced features include dynamic pricing model which lets the taxi rate fix itself based on the market supply and demand. Now folks earn extra cash and which can drive a few hours a day and have a car can sign up on those services as a driver.



It just began as a place where pet owners shared cute graphics of their pets, who knew back then that Instagram would have effects so tumultuous that the world would see a change in the way pictures are shared on the web. With the help of built-in filter, anyone can re create different dispositions and sentiments for the pictures they have taken from their smartphones. Ultimately, Facebook acquired for $1 billion Instagram, no doubt their growing popularity made Facebook view them as threat growing. That is a staggering amount of cash, and I guess if I tell you that Instagram just had 13 workers you would not believe.

With more folks using smartphones these days, Internet traffic is exploding and data is growing more and more cheap. The era of SMSing (Short Messaging System) has been absolutely destroyed down with the arrival of Whatsapp and other similar messaging systems. What makes Whatsapp disruptive is the way it can allow smartphone users to convey more effectively. Creating a group and broadcasting a message to multiple users with a single touch / click was this difficult. This entire package of pros seemed not possible before the coming of Whatsapp. The revolution caused by Whatsapp resulted in its company valuation propelling to $20 billion, and was eventually obtained by Facebook in 2014.

To many people, Amazon is still remembered as the company who directed the ebook revolution. Over the years, the corporation has undoubtedly gained and kept the tag of being the e-retail king. But it seems like Amazon has even grander visions for the future, in spite of the undeniable fact that online shopping market is growing as ever. According to Amazon’s Boss Jeff Bezos, the last mile delivery is the major bottleneck that prevents online shopping from growing faster. The dream of the company’s is to cut short the delivery time from the present 1-2 days to as short as 30 minutes. The utilization of delivery drone or unmanned aircraft is viewed as the only successful means to solve this issue. It will be interesting if the usage of delivery drone can really be genuinely realized in the long run.

Myself always attempt to catch up with the latest and the greatest technology to stay applicable, even though I am not actually that savvy about it. Many new technologies are being innovated. Initiation knows no bounds and I am sure that won’t cease for the near future. There are businesses and sectors waiting to be revolutionized by technology. Feel free to drop a comment below in case you’ve got something to add to the above mentioned innovations or if you have other exciting technologies to share.

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